Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Children's Songbook 1.0 Now Available!

One of the biggest requests I've received from users of LDS Hymns and Himnos SUD was to create a similar application for the Primary Children's Songbook.  I'm now pleased to announce that this application is available!  Apple has just approved Children's Songbook (App Store link) for download!  This application, like LDS Hymns, is a free application and will always remain that way.  It contains all of the Primary songs except those that have a copyright that prohibits redistribution.  The following songs have been omitted from the app:

37. Stars Were Gleaming
97. God's Love
182. How Will They Know?
201. When Grandpa Comes
229. God Is Watching Over All
238. Springtime Is Coming
247. Autumn Day
265. Be Happy!
271. I Wiggle
273. My Hand

Otherwise this application has the same features as LDS Hymns - the ability to search all songs, mark songs as favorites, as well as to select songs by number, first line or title (this latter capability is coming soon to LDS Hymns).  Please keep the feedback coming and enjoy the app!  Please consider donating via the link to the right if you've found this app useful!  Some screenshots:

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