Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Version 1.1 Released

An update to the LDS Hymns application has just been released.  Version 1.1 has the following changes based on your suggestions:

- added option to turn off hiding the navigation bar in landscape mode while viewing the hymns (option is in the iPhone/iPod Settings application)
- added a new Categories section
- changed visual style to grouped table view
- fixed typo on Version page

Keep the suggestions coming!


  1. Thanks for making these free. Only suggestion would be change the Search button by the keypad to Done (or just leave it). Since it searches realtime when user taps it it'll close the keypad so one can view more than 3 results at a time.

    I did add it to my lds apps page.

  2. Great app, thanks for the time on it.
    A suggestion, the iPhone scroll is way to slow to move down the page, please add a tap the screen to move down a verse, and the tap at the songs end sends back to the next verse.